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    Ate the viewpoint on the professionals who participated in this network relating to the approach of surveillance in circumstances of severe maternal morbidity, the facilities and difficulties encountered in involving colleagues in the process, and the proposals of your participants of the Brazilian Network for the Surveillance of Severe Maternal Morbidity on the best way to give continuity for the surveillance course of action.Techniques A qualitative study was conducted in all 27 reference obstetric units of the Brazilian Network for the Surveillance of Extreme Maternal Morbidity, situated in various geographical regions on the nation. The qualitative approach was in the type of a summative evaluation [16]. This approach was chosen because it permits identifying opinions and generalizations about how an intervention is efficient, and under what situations the efforts for the intervention implementation are productive [16]. The coordinator (accountable for identifying situations and collecting data), the principal investigator with the project (responsible for reviewing and confirming the information) and the service manager (the director in the obstetric unit or the clinical director) at each obstetric unit were invited to participate in the study. In the 27 participating centers, all teaching GSK-J4 biological activity hospitals, five have been secondary level institutes and 22 had been tertiary level, becoming 23 free-for-charge public institutions (4 municipal, nine state, and ten federal hospitals). With respect for the geographical location from the center, 12 have been situated inside the north, northeast or mid-west of your country, though 15 had been inside the south or southeast (data not presented as tables). The interviews lasted about ten minutes and have been held at two moments: at six months (stage 1) and at 12 months (stage 2) just after implementation on the network project. The interviews had been performed by telephone [17] and simultaneously recorded [18]. Interviewers skilled in the best way to conduct telephone abn0000128 surveys were specifically educated for this study. To guarantee anonymity, the recordings were identified only by numbers. Prior to initiating the interview, an informed consent type was read to the prospective subjects and their consent, if offered, was recorded. Information geronb/gbp074 collection was performed employing an instrument containing a semi-structured section in which queries were asked relating to the facilities and issues encountered in involving colleagues within the project, and participants had been asked for recommendations concerning the best way to ensure that the surveillance of situations of serious maternal morbidity will be maintained in their center. This instrument had been tested previously and some modifications had been made following evaluation.A total of 122 interviews had been conducted at 6 and 12 months immediately after the finish in the activities involved within the Brazilian Network for the Surveillance of Extreme Maternal Morbidity. Amongst the interviewees, 50 were ladies and 66 have been over 40 years of age. The majority (86.7 ) were physicians. A minimum of six attempts were produced to speak to each potential subject by telephone ahead of the interview was considered as lost. Even so, when phone speak to was unsuccessful, messages were sent by e-mail. Of the 54 interviews scheduled to become performed with investigators and coordinators inside the 1st stage, 52 have been certainly carried out. Within the other two instances, one of several individuals in question was the principal investigator in the present study along with the other was in hospital.